Beats For Life. Northland’s First & Only Electronic Dance Music Radio. Hear the freshest tunes upfront, alongside timeless classics. Shout-Out’s & Track requests welcome. Decimals of sheer bliss. Best to be played Loud. Promo’s & ID’s aired daily, in conjunction with Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX DJ Console.
Sheer Dance Radio & Chart Hits 24/7, a classy gem in it’s own right building from strength to strength, so much so that it clearly shows in the shell shock reactions from locals and even internationals (DJ’s included), this airwave is blasting in ecstatic HD surround sound all day & all night.

Viperfm.net sneaks up on the rankings very quickly, it may be a wise move to actually click the play button on this website to access Viperfm.net radio before been judgemental. Politely mentioning this premier radio station does not associate with any foolishness or negativity from the public, any abuse, attacks, intentional stream ripping gadgets or anything along these lines will result in banning the necessary immediately, however if you like top notch Electronic Dance Music & Premier Chart Hits, i invite you to tune in & enjoy.

With some of the most inspiring clubs and gig events I have had the privilege of playing at: South Africa, Oceania’s “Lagered” and “Brain” dance parties (bassline promotions), Kiss Nightclub, Voyager, Staircase, The Box, Eclipse, Sinners supporting Ferry Corsten on tour in Oceania, so many other clubs local and international, 2hr “live” sets on Juice TV (Oceania/Australasia’s premier Digital-TV dance music channel). Sinners Nightclub/FM mix sessions (my first radio experience back in 1999), a fantastic opportunity to express my sound all across the airwaves to South Africa (my home country), Oceania, Australasia and blasting to the the world. I am here for one reason…to entertain you with non-stop sounds, I mix, remix & produce funky-progressive house, uplifting-progressive trance. The music scene takes hard work, passion & commitment, if you want interaction with a 100% music enthusiast, you have come to the right page. I am mostly uploading new tunes, video’s, promo’s & mixes here. Electronic Dance Music lives on Loud & Proud.

Viperfm.net, the home of the finest Electronic music & Chart Hits. Airing the forefront in uplifting & progressive tracks, mixes, classic anthems & chart busters. Versatility is a must feature on our radio platform, curating radio is our speciality and music is our passion. Daily show schedules, quality guest mixes, fresh premier tunes and Viperfm in the mix is a added bonus.
Keeping worldwide radio listeners entertained with non-stop thumping beats since 2015. Keeping content fresh and looking at providing more quality shows down the track. Show line up may temporarily be delayed at times due to exclusive live broadcasting and interviews worldwide.

Viperfm.net studio sets on this radio station is reminiscent of what you can expect to hear on this platform, to hear my extended sets LIVE – tune in on Friday’s & Saturday’s 9pm (N.Z.S.T.) New Zealand Standard Time.

I invite you to download the free Viperfm.net/Sound Revolution android app on the Play Store or Amazon. The free IOS app is also available on the Apple Store. Our app’s save up to 75% on data usage at only 21 megabytes per hour, with 2 channels of exquisite Dance Music & Chart Hits 24/7, as seen on the left of this page.

Inspired by the sheer response of this radio platform worldwide listeners, Viperfm.net delivers pure uplifting non stop sounds, specializing in Trance, Progressive House, Deep House, Club Classics, Techno, Live Studio Mixes, Exclusive Guest Mixes, Live Club & Festival Mixes. Our radio motto is bringing you brand new tunes upfront together with those favorite timeless classics, it’s all about the music (commercial free). Best to be played loud.

Viperfm (formerly known as DJ Viper) started his music career as a DJ in 1996 and has played at many dance and trance clubs in South Africa, New Zealand & Australia, alongside hosting a previous 7 year radio slot dedicated to Electronic Dance Music & club culture, learning from other top pioneers in the industry and buying countless records, CD’s & even cassette tapes to booth. As the music has grown from strength to strength, so has Viperfm.

Having the wonderful opportunity of experiencing club culture in 3 countries and spreading my passion & knowledge to the scene together with meeting fantastic people on the entertaining journey, the club life in South Africa is amazing with a very much up for it crowd just like New Zealand & Australia, i have learned & experienced so much across these 3 continents throughout these years and the time has come to share my passion & knowledge furthermore to the airwaves.

Viperfm decided to open up his very own radio platform called Viperfm.net playing the finest in Electronic Dance Music 24/7. Curated perfectly for listening & dancing pleasure with a taste for everyone into the electronic scene. Viperfm.net is now rapidly spreading across most platforms worldwide delivering sheer quality to our listeners around the globe. 

To those who have been tuning in all these years, a massive BIG UP’s to you! Long may this wonderful journey continue. You know the score: Pump it Loud & Proud! Turn your listening area into a dance floor.

If you like what you are hearing and if you have any track requests or shout-out’s (our guarantee), also if you wish to have your mix featured as a guest on our radio which is always a exciting bonus for DJ’s, email: viper_fm@yahoo.com


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